sept 06Any piece of jewellery that gets worn often will get knocked and scratched in time, regardless of which metal it is made from. This is even more true with heavy, solid pieces of jewellery, which are hand made and usually much heavier than cast jewellery. Especially in the case of rings, which are on our hands doing all that we do during our busy lives…

Some people quite like their jewellery’s knocks and dents as they tell the story of who we are and what we do. Other people prefer to to have their pieces smoothed and cleaned.

At Aharoni jewellery, we recommend you have this done every six to seven months. The reason is that with every clean, the piece of jewellery will lose a certain amount of the metal and in the long run would wear out. There is no need to fear risking the patterns of the fusion piece because as we explained - our fusion jewellery is solid in most cases, and will not wear out.